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15th November, 2018

Air Handling Units
Air Handling Units are manufactured according to the most advanced technical specification and under strict quality control. Each and every part of the unit fabricated / manufactured in house and goes through various tests before being fitted to the main unit. The complete unit is factory assembled and tested for leakages, vibration, airflow, temperature variation, sound levels etc. only after all the testes are completed, and qualified by the quality control department, the machine is shipped to the customer’s site.

HVAC Equipment in Hyderabad

Promising towards a bright future, MS AIR SYSTEMS has today established itself as one of the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of air purifier units in the country of INDIA. We pursue our work with a vision for a revolutionized future where we aim not only to elevate the basic standards of air purifiers but also we intend to take customer satisfaction to a whole new level. This methodology and vision has been remarkably successful and is evident in the form of us being not only the leader in this field but also being the toast of a huge base of satisfied customers.

Our products are made with the best quality raw material so that the end product turns out to be a top notch in terms of quality and durability. Another feature that makes our products distinguished is the kind of easy usability they offer to our customers, satisfying their every specific need. MS AIR SYSTEMS equipment in Hyderabad has always considered the usability to be one of the benchmarks of its manufacturing process.We always carry out research to understand the core requirements of our customers and design the products accordingly. Our manufacturing unit is established in Hyderabad, Telangana and from here itself we export our products to All over world.

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